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      Welcome: Hangzhou Geek Technology Co., Ltd.
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      Industry new

      【“Don't say it,work on it!"After the good news came from the Great Hall of the People, they boiled】

      Don't say it, work on it!" On March 5th, Premier Li Keqiang clearly stated in the government work report that We will improve logistics networks in rural areas and support the development of e-commerce and express delivery servicesand also sent to the express delivery and other industries a series of "big packages" for cutting taxes and fees, which made the postal industry practitioners, especially the 3 million express delivery people, feel very excited and triggered strong responses.


      China attaches great importance and cares to the development of the industry,and look forward to it


      Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau said “The government work report attaches great importance to the development of the postal industry, it has encouraged the whole industry.”In the New Year greeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping praised the courier as “the creator and guardian of a good life”. He also praised them as “bees” when he visited a courier during the Spring Festival.The government work report also proposed that We will improve logistics networks in rural areas and support the development of e-commerce and express delivery services.These all show that the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance and care to the postal industry, especially the express delivery industry and look forward to it. This is relevant to the country's "three major battles" and "rural revitalization" and other major strategies.It also pointed out the direction of the industry towards high-quality development, clearing the field of deep cultivation, and refining the service orientation.

      Ma Junsheng requested,the whole industry must study hard,understand profoundly and implement to full promote the Bees spirit. We should closely integrate the implementation of decisions made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council with the reform and development of the postal industry,and integrate the trait of postal industry which is connected with thousands of cities, industries and served to thousands of households with the trend of strong demand, broad space and high-level operation, steadily promote the postal industry to develop in high-quality.We must adhere to the people-centered thinking, strengthen basic capacity building, deepen the "postal in the countryside" project, build a comprehensive service platform for rural delivery, improve the level of public service to the clients, continue to advance the "transfer to the countryside" project shift and upgrade, and continue to expand the important role of industry in stimulating employment and promoting the circulation of agricultural products.It is necessary to further deepen the coordinated development of e-commerce and express delivery, accelerate the industrial integration, continue to carry forward the "delivery + e-commerce + agricultural special products + farmers" model, expand the "express + modern agriculture" service pattern, and continue to build the "Express +" agricultural gold medal project ,further broaden the two-way channel of industrial products going to the countryside and agricultural products into the city, helping the agricultural products can be delivered, sent smoothly and sold well. And the postal industry should make contribution in major national strategies such as assisting poverty alleviation, rural revitalization and three major battles.


      "Bring back the 'red envelopes' and tell good policies to the people around you ."


      Ma Xulin, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and director of the General Service Department of the State Post Bureau, who attended the meeting at the Great Hall of the People to listen to the government's work report, expressed excitement at the first time: “The government report proposed to reinforce the construction of logistics infrastructure and further implement the policy of tax and fee reduction for SME. As a CPPCC member engaged in postal management, I am very excited.These guidelines and policies in the report have undoubtedly injected a strong impetus into the high-quality development of the postal industry and further enhanced our confidence.”

      Qian Fangli, deputy of the National People's Congress and Director of the Department of Electronic Commerce and Information Technology of the Ministry of Commerce, said that as an e-commerce person, heard that the report specifically talked about the development of e-commerce and express delivery, which makes her very exciting.Since the publication of the No. 1 Document of the State Council in 2018, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Post Bureau have jointly implemented relevant measures to enhance the continuous improvement of the express logistics infrastructure, the continuous optimization of e-commerce distribution, the obvious improvement of the terminal service capacity of express delivery as well as the synergy efficiency of e-commerce and logistics.

      The National People's Congress deputy, China Post Group Shanghai Post District Central Bureau mail dispatcher Chai Shanshan believes that there are many "real stuff" in the government work report, and sent a lot of "red envelopes" to ordinary workers, which is particularly exciting. As a part of the industry,we should do much to develop postal and express industry in rural areas in the future. This requires the industry to transform to high-quality development on the basis of rapid development.

      Another NPC deputy from the postal industry, Zhao Mingzhi, the courier of the Victory Bridge Investment Department of the Zhongshan Branch of Dalian City, Liaoning Province, also expressed his excitement and pride.He said that on the eve of the Spring Festival this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping specifically visited the courier and described us as hardworking bees.Premier Li Keqiang has mentioned courier in the report for six consecutive years since 2014. This fully demonstrates that the party and the state attach great importance to the development of the express delivery industry, and also affirmed the contribution of the majority of postal practitioners.Our heart filled with warm. In the future, our postal couriers will always serve the people the party and the country like bees and show the features of the postal couriers in the new era.

      Also as a NPC deputy Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Group, said that express logistics is not only the support of retail business the core resource of retail services but also an important infrastructure and bridge in the entire circulation environment. Only by opening up the "blood vein"of modern logistics, achieving rapid and good development of the express delivery industry can enable the Chinese economy, especially Internet retail, to develop rapidly.


      Keep your feet on the ground ,keep the mission in mind,keep confident


      The Prime Minister’s government work report is to encourage private express delivery practitioners. Encouraging, confidence, responsibility and hard work have become the key words of their hot debate.Wang Wei the CEO of SF Express, said that “Express” has been included in the government work report for six consecutive years, which has inspired all employees of SF Express.Serving “agriculture,rural areas and farmers ” has always been one of priorities business of SF . This year, we will continue to strengthen the integration and development of modern agriculture, and strive to expand the two-way circulation channel between urban and rural areas, and work in  poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

      “The government work report mentioned express for six consecutive years. We are thankful to the party and the government for their continued concern and support for the industry, and constantly optimizing of the legal environment to operation. I feel confidence and responsibility to that.”Lai Meisong, the chairman of Zto Express, has been concerned about the construction of rural circulation network for a long time. He believes that express delivery plays a more and more important role in helping get rid of poverty,in increasing employment ,in helping the manufacturing industry and agriculture to improve their competitiveness,because express is accelerating “industrial products going to the countryside and agricultural products into the city” constantly. Zto will also improve the rural distribution network, help revitalize rural areas.

      Shen Dejun, chairman and president of Sto Express, listened carefully to the government work report and said that the favorable policies in the report reinvigorate the industry development."We will further improve the quality and level of service, deepen the reform of enterprises, and continuously increase the expansion of the rural express delivery market and enhance service levels, so that express delivery the livelihood industry will truly become the service close to their life.

      Yu Weijiao, chairman of the board of directors of Yto Express, said that the work report mentioned express delivery for six years in a row, which shows that the country attaches great importance to the development of express delivery industry.In 2019,we will continue to roll up sleeves and put on more steam, continuously consolidate the network foundation, improve timeliness and service quality, make solid progress in strategic layout and international development in aviation, science and technology, retail and other industrial chains, better serve the construction of " the belt and road initiative" and make unremitting efforts to accelerate the realization of the dream about becoming a powerful express logistics country.

      “You can use confidence to describe my current mood!” The express delivery practitioners from the front line are also full of confidence. Xu Feng, the person in charge of Yunda Express in Dechang County, Sichuan Province, said with excitement after learning the good news. he feels that the industry is becoming more and more regular and more perfect, and he is more and more confident for that he has been engaged in express delivery for ten year."When we work hard, we must stick to our original heart, keep the mission in mind , and take every step in a down-to-earth manner. We will make our hometown e-commerce and express delivery industries bigger and stronger, and let e-commerce and express delivery serve the people.

      Huang Peng, a courier of Badong County, Hubei Province, said that it is of great significance to take advantage of the express delivery to improve the rural circulation network, because express delivery is not only package transport , but also an indispensable link between urban and rural areas. Especially for remote mountainous areas, the greater the service functions and link functions carried by express delivery, the stronger service function to county towns and villages. For example, the convenience of rural life, the circulation of local products, the market-oriented development of rural industries, and the transformation of rural employment poverty will all have a great development.

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